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Our Story

Serious Royalty took the throne in 2018, driven by our frustration in finding cutting edge fashion styles that were also practical and affordable for everyday wear. Plenty of brands offered one or the other, but none combined the two.

We knew that with smart sourcing, inspired style and an unwavering dedication to our founding principles, we could fill that gap, giving everyone the chance to feel royal in their own right.

From our base in the city of Lancaster, we scoured the world for ideas and inspiration, sourcing various fabrics, trim, accessories, zips & finer detail from around the world.

Our name 

We took the name Serious Royalty to reflect the seriousness of our commitment to design and fabrication and the royal sense of regard that we create in everything we do.

To build our brand, we took to social media, and found that our attitude soon struck a chord with fellow fashion fans who were hungry for a new lifestyle driven look.

After just two months, we attracted the attention of FootAsylum, the first of several key stockists to stock our brand and put Serious Royalty firmly on the fashion map.

Our future

From a few simple sweats, we have built Serious Royalty into a major range, from tracks and tees to caps and shorts, all bearing our signature logo and all sharing the same unique blend of style and practicality.

And that range will keep growing, with new collections and new colours including styles that cater for the less lavish who appreciate our gold standards but aren’t necessarily interested in sporting the more accessorised garments.

We will keep our finger fixed on the pulse of fashion as we grow, but we will never lose sight of our customers, making sure we always deliver the lifestyle they’re looking for.

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