Why Serious Royalty?

We’re Serious Royalty...are you?

Are you ready for a lifestyle brand built on style and practicality? 
Are you ready to live the lifestyle you deserve?
Are you ready to become part of a new dynasty of Serious Royalty?

Serious Royalty is a blend of Athleisure and Athluxury. Serious quality and style designed for the sovereigns of the street.

We’re the Lancaster lifestyle label that’s taking on the world, leading the charge at the cutting edge of youth culture, breaking through the boundaries to rewrite the rules for a new generation of royalty.

Serious Royalty is affordable luxury designed to make you can feel like the champion you deserve to be every single day.

We set the gold standard so you can make a bold statement with streetwise sweats, hoodies and tees that are as practical as they are original, designed to match your budget as well as your attitude.

Serious Royalty is the hottest drops and the freshest fashions, inspired by the best in the business, then lifted higher to a new level of luxury.

This is not fashion for followers; this is the look for those who lead the way. The kings of the ring, the princes of the park, the urban originals. We keep clued up on the latest fashion releases to catch the latest trends to keep you ahead of the game.